Russia's propaganda narrative in the 2014-2021 period, especially the "saving persecuted Russian speakers" slogan, was very effective in promoting tacit Western acceptance of the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula, the invasion of the Donbas, and of Kremlin mantras such as "failed state", "corrupt society" and so on.

Those early PR successes (resulting in minor sanctions, minimal military support and lip-service) emboldened Putin to launch his full-scale invasion in February 2022.

Since then, Russian propaganda has not been as successful because of how Volodymyr Zelensky has responded, how Ukraine has fought the Russian army to a standstill, and how the Russian army has behaved. As a result, the pro-Ukrainian narrative has been stronger relative to the Kremlin, albeit the Russian narrative is still powerful, painting pictures about "a stalemate", "persecution of the Orthodox church", and "the need for negotiations" rather than an urgent ramping-up of Western military industrial capacity.

What more can Ukraine do to successfully persuade the world of the genocidal nature of Russia's goals? How should we respond to Russia's internal propagandists?

AIIA Victoria invites you to join Dr Michael Lawriwsky to explore these important questions.

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AIIA Victoria

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