Indigenous peoples represent more than 8.5 percent of the total population of Latin America. The constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples in Latin America has been an ongoing process that has evolved over the years. Whilst the specific provisions and approaches vary from country to country, many nations in the region have made efforts to recognise and protect the rights and cultural identities of their Indigenous populations. Several have adopted constitutional reforms that grant recognition to Indigenous groups in areas such as culture, territory and political autonomy. Provisions related to land rights, language preservation, and participation in decision-making processes have been enshrined to ensure that Indigenous peoples have a voice.

AIIA Victoria and the Australia Latam Emerging Leaders Dialogue (ALELD) invite you to join us for this important, and timely, panel discussion for young professionals on the constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples in Latin America. Our panel of experts will delve into the challenges, progress, opportunities and lessons from the Latin American experience.

Refreshments will be served.

AIIA Victoria gratefully acknowledges the Walter Mangold Trust Fund for their support of our young members.

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