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Hong Kong has been the crucible of many hopes – of becoming Asia's leading international city; of maintaining uniquely, openness, personal freedoms and the rule of law within the People's Republic of China; of attracting China to change subtly, of providing a credible "one country, two systems" model that Taiwanese people would wish to follow.

Now, and especially since the introduction by Beijing of the all-encompassing National Security Law in mid-2020, all those hopes are dashed, and discourse is severely curtailed – with silence, exile or prison the grim alternatives facing the city's independently-spirited folk, although ideas of liberty and autonomy still live on within Hong Kong's myriad nooks and crannies.

In a new book Two Systems, Two Countries: A Nationalist Guide to Hong Kong(University of California Press, 2022), Monash University Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies Kevin Carrico traces the origins of Hong Kong nationalism, and notes that ever fewer Hong Kong citizens now identify as "Chinese." Seeking to understand this contradiction through years of research and conversations in Hong Kong, he traces the origins of HK nationalism, its diverse schools and proposals for the city's future, and its implications for relations with Beijing.

Kevin Carrico will launch his book in conversation with Louisa Lim, Senior Lecturer at Melbourne University's Centre for Advancing Journalism.

Lim, who co-hosts the award-winning Little Red Podcast, grew up in Hong Kong. Her own book, Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong(Penguin Random House, 2022), interweaves personal narrative with that of the city's two colonisers, Britain and China, and injects the insightful story of famed street calligrapher the 'King of Kowloon.' Her previous book, The People's Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited(Oxford University Press, 2014), explored the lives of people affected by the protests of 1989 in China.

AIIA Victoria invites you to an engaging discussion on a timely topic, to be introduced by Rowan Callick OBE FAIIA.

We gratefully acknowledge the Walter Mangold Trust Fund for its ongoing support of our young members.

This event will be held both in person at Dyason House, and online. To download the pdf flyer please click here.

  • Dr. Kevin Carrico (Monash University)

    Dr. Kevin Carrico

    Monash University

  • Dr. Louisa Lim (Melbourne University)

    Dr. Louisa Lim

    Melbourne University

  • Rowan Callick OBE FAIIA (Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University)

    Rowan Callick OBE FAIIA

    Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University


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