Australia and Japan have a strong and broad-ranging security relationship. The two countries' alliance with the United States, cooperation in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, commonly known as the Quad and commitment to 'free and open' strategic relations within the Indo-Pacific region reflect their complementary foreign policy and security interests.

The 2007 Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation provided a foundation for wide-ranging cooperation on security issues between Australia and Japan, including in law enforcement, border security, economic security, health security, climate change, energy transition, counter-terrorism, disarmament and counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, maritime and aviation security, peace operations and humanitarian relief operations.

A renewed Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation (JDSC) issued by Prime Minister Albanese and Prime Minister Kishida in October 2022 deepened and expanded cooperation to respond to the most pressing security challenges in the region.

How will the Japan-Australia security alliance fare in the ever-changing strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific region? How can Japan and Australia jointly tackle global security challenges? AIIA Victoria invites you to join LTG Isobe to discuss Japan's Security and Defence Policy and Australia-Japan Security and Defence Cooperation.

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Refreshments will be served. Please note earlier timing: 1130am for 12pm-1pm AEST.

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