Rishi Sunak is the fifth person to be Prime Minister since the Conservative Party came to power in 2010. He is also the first non-white person to hold that office, and follows the second and third female Prime Ministers who came to the office in a period of particular turbulence for the Conservatives, and hence for the United Kingdom itself.

This admirable record of diversity at the top – unmatched by the rival Labour Party – is as much a product of this turbulence as it is the politics of diversity and inclusion.

Sunak has inherited a party that behaves as if it is already in opposition, falling back on old ideas that appeal to a small group of party members and with shrinking support in the polls.

With an election no more than two years away, Sunak has reached the top job in British politics at what might be considered the endgame of the Brexit era. How does his elevation reflect the strains placed on the Conservative party by Brexit? What are the prospects of a Sunak government for strategic visions such as 'Global Britain'? And what might this mean for Australia?

AIIA Victoria welcomes back Dr Ben Wellings for his insights into both the domestic politics and international aspirations of the UK.

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