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It's hard to browse the news without seeing reports of yet another imposition of economic sanctions by one country on another. The United States has sanctions against more than 30 countries, while Russia has repeatedly imposed sanctions against former Soviet republics. China has developed its own approach, including targeting private entities such as the NBA. Japan and South Korea have sanctioned each other over WWII and colonial legacies; Saudi Arabia against Qatar because of differences over Iran; and France, Germany, and Norway against Brazil over the Amazon forest and climate change.

In Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Bruce Jentleson - one of America's leading scholars on the subject - answers the fundamental questions about sanctions today. He demonstrates that examining sanctions is key to understanding international relations and explains how and why they will likely continue to bear on global politics.

This book launch will discuss sanctions comprehensively, explaining what works and what doesn't. It will provide a broad overview of sanctions in international politics today, drawing from cases around the world.

Why are sanctions used so frequently and what are their varieties? What are the key factors affecting the success of sanctions? Why have sanctions become the tool of first resort for states engaged in international conflict?

AIIA Victoria invites you to join Professor Bruce W. Jentleson to launch his book.

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