Ukraine has made significant efforts to democratise its political landscape since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite facing challenges such as low institutional trust and constant external pressure, Ukraine has shown resilience in its commitment to democratic principles, with the Maidan Revolution in 2014 serving as an example of Ukrainians' desire for greater political independence and accountability.

Currently, civil society in Ukraine is keeping authoritarianism at bay: fighting against external pressure but struggling to move further toward democracy due to a lack of security in the society and low institutional trust. Furthermore, public understanding of the rule of law is low due to the threats coming from the post-totalitarian state.

This talk offers Ukrainian sociologist Viktoriya Bryndza's viewpoint on Ukraine's democratisation efforts and progress. She considers historical and geographical aspects and modern generation and informational shifts in Ukraine society as a part of her research.

Why is it important to keep supporting Ukraine? What is needed for the country to evolve into a fully functional democratic society? What will a democratic Ukraine look like? AIIA VIC warmly invites you to join this thought-provoking discussion on Ukraine's path to democracy.

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