Leonid Volkov (Chief of Staff to Alexey Navalny)

Leonid Volkov

Chief of Staff to Alexey Navalny

Leonid Volkov is chief of staff for Alexey Navalny and political director of Navalny’s team, and Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Foundation. He was campaign manager for Navalny’s mayoral campaign in Moscow in 2013, as well as for his bid to get onto the presidential ballot in 2018. Between 2017 and 2021 Leonid Volkov has created and led Team Navalny’s network of regional offices in 45 Russia’s largest cities. Currently operating from Lithuania, Leonid oversees the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s international and domestic political projects.

Assoc. Prof. William Partlett (Melbourne Law School)

Assoc. Prof. William Partlett

Melbourne Law School

Associate Professor William Partlett is an Associate Professor at Melbourne Law School. He has travelled extensively in Russia and the former Soviet Union. His written work on the region includes publications in both academic journals as well as The Conversation and The National Interest. His insights draw on both his training in Russian politics, language, and history at Oxford University and Princeton University as well as his legal training at Stanford Law School. His latest book is "The Post-Soviet as Post-Colonial" (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022).