Bardie Barclay-Sutton (International Development Consultant)

Bardie Barclay-Sutton

International Development Consultant

Bardie has over a decade of experience working with NGO’s such as World Vision, Oaktree, Red Cross and Save the Children. She is currently a consultant for Clear Horizon supporting measurement, evaluation and learning of international development projects in the Asia-Pacific. An alumni of the Australian Volunteers Program (AVP), she has completed assignments in Indonesia and Mongolia. Alongside her work, she currently volunteers as President of the Melbourne Development Circle, a not-for-profit community group, and is completing a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development at ANU.

Domenica Moreno (Dommi), PMP (Environmental Advisor for the Government of Victoria)

Domenica Moreno (Dommi), PMP

Environmental Advisor for the Government of Victoria

Domenica received a full academic scholarship to study Environmental Sciences at the University of Melbourne in 2013, alongside an elite athlete scholarship to represent the university’s Taekwondo team. She is an experienced professional in diplomacy and environmental consulting with international exposure. Her career began at the Embassy of Ecuador, followed by a stint at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Canberra. In 2019, Domenica made a career change and returned to environmental science. In Ecuador, she co-founded an NGO, the Ecotrackers Foundation, with her father, dedicated to preserving and restoring the biodiversity of indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest. Currently, she is working as an Environmental Advisor for the Government of Victoria, involved in one of the largest transport projects in the Victoria, the North East Link. This project aims to connect the M80 Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway. In her role, Domenica focuses on reducing emissions from construction waste and implementing innovative environmental and sustainability targets for materials reuse within the local economy.