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Registrations Open
50 min

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Richard Iron CMG OBE...

Keynote address
The Hon. Lisa Singh (CEO, Australia-India Institute)
30 min

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Panel: Government and Diplomacy
Melissa Conley Tyler FAIIA (Program Lead, Asia-Pacific Development Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue)Melissa Conley Tyler FAIIA
Andrew Cumpston (Victorian State Director, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)Andrew Cumpston
Catriona Boyd (Deputy Consul-General, British Consulate General, Melbourne)Catriona Boyd
Mazita Marzuki (Consul-General, Consulate General of Malaysia, Melbourne)Mazita Marzuki
60 min

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Morning Tea
30 min
Panel: International Business
Leigh Howard (CEO, Asialink Business)Leigh Howard
Amit Singh (Managing Director, Accenture)Amit Singh
Layusa Isa Odidi (Partner, Dalberg)Layusa Isa Odidi
Molina Asthana (National President, Asian Australian Lawyers Association)Molina Asthana
60 min

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Panel: Not-For-Profit, Development and Aid
Michael Fletcher (National Coordinator - Movement Engagement, Australian Red Cross)Michael Fletcher
Selena Ng (Manager, Consulting, Social Ventures Australia and Board Member, The Global Foundation)Selena Ng
Anthea Spinks (Director of Programs, Oxfam Australia)Anthea Spinks
Hayley Cull (PLAN International)Hayley Cull
60 min

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60 min
You will have the opportunity to attend FOUR of the 12 Masterclasses below:
Brian Borgonha (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Victorian State Office)Brian Borgonha
Thenu Herath (CEO, Oaktree)Thenu Herath
Eleanor Gordon (Peacebuilding Consultant and Senior Lecturer, Monash University)Eleanor Gordon
Laura Hughes (Research Analyst, Consulate-General of Japan)Laura Hughes
Josh Featherston (Research Analyst, Consulate-General of Japan)Josh Featherston
180 min

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Closing Remarks

Registrations Open

Friday Aug. 26 - 08:00am - 08:50am (50 min)


Friday Aug. 26 - 08:50am - 09:00am (10 min)

Richard Iron CMG OBE: President, Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria

Keynote address

Friday Aug. 26 - 09:00am - 09:30am (30 min)

Morning Tea

Friday Aug. 26 - 10:30am - 11:00am (30 min)


Friday Aug. 26 - 01:00pm - 02:00pm (60 min)


Friday Aug. 26 - 02:00pm - 05:00pm (180 min)

You will have the opportunity to attend FOUR of the 12 Masterclasses below:

1. Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy with Brian Borgonha, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

2. Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy with Jessica Baldock, Policy Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade VIC State Office

3. United Nations with Eleanor Gordon, Peacebuilding Consultant and Senior Lecturer, Monash University

4. Consular Affairs with Laura Hughes and Josh Featherston, Research Analysts at the Consulate of Japan, and Alfredo L. Gonzalez, Vice Consul, U.S. State Department

5. Intelligence/Cyber with Jenny, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation and Edan, Defence Intelligence Organisation

6. Victorian Government with Valentina Tan, Research and Industry Development Office, mRNA Victoria

7. Think Tanks with Eloise Dolan, Program Manager, Asia Society Australia

8. Not-for-profit (Youth) with Thenu Herath, CEO, Oaktree

9. Not-for-profit (Aid) with TBC

10. International Business (GOV) with Laura Burke, Regional Specialist - Southeast Asia, Global Victoria

11. International Business (PRIV) with Dylan Broomfield, VIC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

12. Defence & Security with Steven Briggs, Acting Director, Defence Graduate and Entry Level Programs, Department of Defence

Closing Remarks

Friday Aug. 26 - 05:00pm - 05:15pm (15 min)

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