Registration will close August 22, 2022 at

You will have the opportunity to attend up to FOUR masterclasses in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. These career-specific masterclasses give smaller groups the opportunity to seek advice from those who have more recently entered their chosen fields, and provides a chance for those attending to ask questions in a specialised environment.

You will select your masterclass preferences when completing your registration for the event. 

Please note that masterclasses will be scheduled on a first in, first served basis. 

  • Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy with Brian Borgonha, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

  • Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy with Jessica Baldock, Policy Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade VIC State Office

  • United Nations with Eleanor Gordon, Peacebuilding Consultant and Senior Lecturer, Monash University

  • Consular Affairs with Laura Hughes and Josh Featherston, both Research Analysts at the Consulate-General of Japan, and Alfredo L. Gonzalez, Vice Consul, U.S. State Department 

  • Intelligence/Cyber with Jenny, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation and Edan, Defence Intelligence Organisation

  • Victorian Government with Valentina Tan, Research and Industry Development Office, mRNA Victoria

  • Think Tanks with Eloise Dolan, Program Manager, Asia Society Australia

  • Not-for-profit (Youth) with Thenu Herath, CEO, Oaktree

  • Not-for-profit (Aid) with TBC

  • International Business (GOV) with Laura Burke, Regional Specialist - Southeast Asia, Global Victoria

  • International Business (PRIV) with Dylan Broomfield, VIC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Defence & Security with Steven Briggs, Acting Director, Defence Graduate and Entry Level Programs, Department of Defence