Please note that this event will be held under the Chatham House Rule and is in-person only.

It has now been nine months since Russia's 24 February invasion of Ukraine. Although the actual fighting remains largely confined to the Ukraine theatre of operations (apart from the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline and accidental missile landings in Poland), the war continues to have global impact.

Richard Iron's last talk on the Russo-Ukraine War was on 30 August. Many things have changed in the three months since; many others haven't.

In this update, he will discuss impacts on the war of recent military, economic, and diplomatic events; how each side still believes it can achieve military victory; the continuing importance of international support for Ukraine; and how each side's internal politics affects the conduct of the war. He will also examine the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons in the war and their potential impact.

No one can predict how this war will end, but Richard Iron will explore the factors that might influence how it does end, whenever that might be.

AIIA Victoria invites you to join Richard Iron to discuss recent developments in the Ukraine war, and their ongoing implications.

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